Friday, June 8, 2012

My heart is breaking

If you'll look to the left hand column and down a little ways, you'll see a button for sweet Veiyah, who is one week older than Jude. Veiyah's twin sister went to be with Jesus when they were born and Veiyah herself struggled through many operations for her own heart condition. But fight she did.

Last year some time, she made it onto the list for a heart transplant and early this year she was granted a Make A Wish trip to Disney. I am struggling so much right now to not have the arrogance to be angry at God. Wednesday, Veiyah's mom, Ani, posted on Facebook that they were on their way to the hospital that Veiyah had been life flighted to. She had been throwing up mucus and then became unresponsive. It turns out she had been having a heart attack and also aspirated the mucus. Last night she went into Jesus' arms and is probably sitting next to her sister, Aderah.

I know this is good news for Veiyah, but my heart is once again just ripped to shreds like it was and has been since dear Christina's sudden passing back in October. Who am I to question God? But still, I do. I will continue to pray for Ani and Jeremy Karg and their two older girls, Madi and Selah, just like I do for Jon and his girls every day since Christina went to be with Jesus and her babies that went on before her. My heart is shattered, but not without Hope. I know this life wasn't promised to be without troubles. But I am still just so sad. So sad.