Saturday, August 29, 2009

"My Husband Rocks!" Updated clarification

After a comment left by a very sweet reader suggesting that I put up a linky, I realized that too often I forget to give Katy Lin credit for My Husband Rocks. It's her blog carnival and she lets anyone who wants to participate link up to her blog roll. Check her out at The Great Adventure to learn how!

Thanks Katy Lin for heading this up! As Teresa said, it is a wonderful way to honor our husbands each week! (Just don't forget to tell them in person, too!)

Stay tuned for a post in the next few days as my vacation comes to a close for a post called Why I Hate Disposable Diapers where I give the anecdotes of how this vacation would actually have been easier if I had just brought our cloth dipes with us!

Friday, August 28, 2009

"My Husband Rocks!" Friday

Jeff rocks this week, for sure. We are on vacation in Florida, visiting with family and after a bit of a debacle last night about computer use, he has taken me to Panera so I can connect to the internet (and consequently, blog about how he rocks!).

My husband rocks because he is willing to put up with all my silliness, my moodiness, my, um, fits of rage. And in the end, he always has a good solution to the problem;-)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Game Hunting. Uh, Not Really!

We had a little unexpected outing this afternoon when we arrived in Atlanta to visit daddy at his fire station. The lieutenant suggested that we visit Yellow River Game Park and Ranch . Sooooo much fun. Most of the animals there are being or have been rehabilitated for injuries and can not live in the wild. But let me tell you! Most of them run wild all over the park.
This was the most awesome place I have ever been! If you are ever in Gwinnett County, you need to visit! Here are some of the better photos from today.

Two little piggies!

Two little monkeys.(Just kidding! This is from our visit to The Creative Discovery Museum!)

Not shy! I've never been licked by a deer before today. It's a weird sensation!

I'm not going to lie. This guy was a little intimidating!

The bunnies were more interested in Jude than he was in them!

Chillin' with the mules!

Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam. . .

And here's Jude inspecting the hotel room where we are now waiting for daddy to get off work in the morning so that we can take Aunt Vickie home. **sniff. sniff** We're sure gonna miss that girl!

BTW, everything met with his high expectations!

"My Husband Rocks!" Friday

Need I say more?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In high demand?

I can not imagine that these things are in high demand, but Walmart must think they are. Who buys this? I can not believe that Walmart has a costume that costs $650!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Online Sermons

If you are looking for a place to listen to a sermon some time during the week, check out this site. You can listen on line or apparently go to their iTunes page and download them to your MP3. Great for the person on the go!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

"My Husband Rocks!" Friday

I didn't get to this earlier because I have been sleeping during my free time today. Mr. Jude decided to wake up every hour or so the last two nights. I.HATE.TEETHING!!!

But Jeff did a beautiful thing this morning. At 5am, after Jude had been fussing for an hour and a half on and off, Jeff took Jude out to the living room to play so mommy could get some sleep. I did notice that the lights weren't on in there and at 8am when the boys came back in our room, for what I assumed was Jude getting ready to take a nap, Jeff said he just woke up. I don't know how Jeff got Jude to sleep for those three hours, but I am so thankful for it.

And in more Jude news:

WE'RE MOBILE!!! Life in the Roerdink house will never be the same. Put on your running shoes, daddy. You're going to need them!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

"My Husband Rocks!" Friday

Don't ask what my problem is! This is the second week in a row that I didn't get this done on Friday.

Jeff rocks this week because we have barely seen him.

Yep, you heard me. We barely saw him all week. But that is because he began his class to be a relief driver on the fire truck.

Tuesday started with him taking the entrance test, and if you know Jeff, you know he has major test anxiety. But, he passed. He should have; he worked so hard studying.

Then he went to the first full class the day after a shift. Actually, this part did not rock. It sucked because we didn't get to see him until 6:30 pm last night after he had been gone 27 hours previously.

But, relief driver is just one more step toward becoming a Firefighter III and a driver engineer, which pays better;-)

If you think of us, pray. Especially in September when he will be gone for two whole weeks.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

America's Double Standard

***WARNING: I find the graphics in today's post disturbing, but worth posting in order to make a point. Proceed at your own risk. ***

I want to know why this:

and this:

Went relatively uncriticized, unsensationalized, unnoticed,
while this:

is being called racist, mean spirited, dangerous.

What the hell, America?! I DID vote for Bush, but I did NOT like him by the end of his term. At all.
I did NOT vote for Obama, but I DO think that he is trying his hardest to do well. I think he WANTS to do well. I do NOT think he IS doing well. I think that his severe lack of experience has reared it ugly head a few times too many already. But we have a few more years under this man's leadership, so you better believe that I am praying fervently for him to START doing well.
I also believe that since we do live in America, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but these cry babies fussing about the Obama poster are really illustrating their own double standard when it comes to dishing and taking criticism about their candidate.
Oh, and let's not forget this poster of McCain:

Pretty accaptable, huh?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

"My Husband Rocks!" Friday

My husband rocks because when he gets home in an hour and finds out that I accidentally left half a gallon of ice cream on the counter over night, he will not be angry. Probably a little sad for the poor, lost ice cream, but not mad. And, he will probably go to the store and buy me more ice cream:-)