Friday, August 21, 2009

Game Hunting. Uh, Not Really!

We had a little unexpected outing this afternoon when we arrived in Atlanta to visit daddy at his fire station. The lieutenant suggested that we visit Yellow River Game Park and Ranch . Sooooo much fun. Most of the animals there are being or have been rehabilitated for injuries and can not live in the wild. But let me tell you! Most of them run wild all over the park.
This was the most awesome place I have ever been! If you are ever in Gwinnett County, you need to visit! Here are some of the better photos from today.

Two little piggies!

Two little monkeys.(Just kidding! This is from our visit to The Creative Discovery Museum!)

Not shy! I've never been licked by a deer before today. It's a weird sensation!

I'm not going to lie. This guy was a little intimidating!

The bunnies were more interested in Jude than he was in them!

Chillin' with the mules!

Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam. . .

And here's Jude inspecting the hotel room where we are now waiting for daddy to get off work in the morning so that we can take Aunt Vickie home. **sniff. sniff** We're sure gonna miss that girl!

BTW, everything met with his high expectations!

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Multiple personalities.. said...

What an awesome animal sanctuary! I'm a huge animal lover and I love seeing that people are out there helping to take care of hurt animals. I've never been licked by a deer either, though I imagine it feels a bit weird. Glad you all have fun!