Wednesday, April 28, 2010

He's not very cooperative

In other words, he's a typical almost two year old.

Jude has really been impressing with his new identification skills lately. (Usually) when prompted he points to his nose, which he still calls "beep beep." Oops. He can say "ear" (e-ah) and tug on it. He says "eye" and pokes himself in one eye, will pull on his hair when asked where his head is, and poke at his belly button when you ask, "where's your belly." You have to ask him "where's your stinky feet?" to get him to show you his foot, but he will show you his toes if you ask. And he can show you MY elbow, but he hasn't yet come to the realization that he has one of his own. Well, two of his own, really.

So yesterday morning (and several times through out the day) I tried to get him to preform these great feats while I took video. Um, nope. He wanted no part of that. During one of the video sessions, he zerbert-ed my stomach. (Remember that from The Cosby Show?) In another he grabbed the upload cord from my camera and was enthralled. During another he commenced to pulling every book he owns off of the book shelf.

At least I got a "hello" out of this one:

Ah, life with a two year old. Please excuse the tornado that took place behind him.

Monday, April 26, 2010

20 days:-(

***EDIT*** Thanks to Scott at This Daddy's Blog for taking note of Jeff's story from Sunday morning in your REAL MAN/ Bad Ass Dad segment. He told me it it's really nice to hear words of appreciation about him doing his job. Jude and I definitely know what a great husband/dad we have in Jeff!

Yikes. I did not mean to not blog for 20 days. I had a lovely visit from my grandparents and my sister over Easter weekend and then things got busy from there.

Oddly, working didn't have much to do with it because the kiddo I work with in the mornings had mono and was out all last week. I feel bad for the kid, but it was kind of a blessing for me with all I had going on.

I probably could have blogged a couple of days this past week, but when I get stressed, I tend to not be able to think too clearly to write. Then Wednesday my grandfather was put in the hospital. This is the man who has been the backbone of our family my whole life. I knew he was going to recover, but every time I would get a picture of him in my mind sedated, restrained, and intubated, it would send me into a mild panic attack.

The good news is that they have been weaning him off of the sedatives so he is coming back into consciousness. And the surgeon was able to cauterize and stop the bleeding in his stomach. I don't know when he gets to go home from the hospital, but I know it will be a long recovery.

Saturday I could have blogged about the crazy storms we had that made me have to stay up until 3am because tornadoes had been spotted in our area. At one point during the tornado watch, the hail hitting the house was so loud that I did go in and get Jude and bring him into the hall. Poor guy was so tired, he didn't really budge through it, unless Daisy made noise. She does not get restless during storms, but she was a little antsy.

Fortunately, everything passed us fine. There were a lot of homes in the city without power and a town about 15 minutes down the road did have a tornado touch down and take out 16 acres of trees. Thankful to God that it was only trees!

And Sunday morning, Jeff's company was fighting an apartment fire and he had been sick for several hours the previous morning, so he ended up in the hospital for about 3 hours with dehydration. After a couple of units of IV fluid though he was up and at em again enough to drive himself home.

Add all these things to the Tennessee Birth Coalition that I am helping to start up and it has been one crazy April. Somewhere I believe I have some pictures to blog about, but no one knows where the upload cord is, so it might be a while;-)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

There's just no getting around it. . .

This child WILL grow up to be a car guy:

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Bunny

Maybe it's just me, but I find something inherently freaky about a giant plush bunny wearing a huge bib. Especially when you can see human arms sticking out.