Friday, August 14, 2009

"My Husband Rocks!" Friday

I didn't get to this earlier because I have been sleeping during my free time today. Mr. Jude decided to wake up every hour or so the last two nights. I.HATE.TEETHING!!!

But Jeff did a beautiful thing this morning. At 5am, after Jude had been fussing for an hour and a half on and off, Jeff took Jude out to the living room to play so mommy could get some sleep. I did notice that the lights weren't on in there and at 8am when the boys came back in our room, for what I assumed was Jude getting ready to take a nap, Jeff said he just woke up. I don't know how Jeff got Jude to sleep for those three hours, but I am so thankful for it.

And in more Jude news:

WE'RE MOBILE!!! Life in the Roerdink house will never be the same. Put on your running shoes, daddy. You're going to need them!


Multiple personalities.. said...

That is a great man you got on your hands, and the cutest little guy ever. Yea, teething can be a pain, and having a great man to help you through it makes such a difference. Thanks for sharing such cute videos! :-)

joannabug said...

Oh, YAY for husbands who help out with night-time parenting (he's a keeper!). Tim has always been so sweet about getting up with them when they're up.

And welcome to the world of mobile babies. :-) They can get to thinks quicker than you realize, hehe.

ebers79 said...

the chase is on... once they achieve mobility, everything takes on a new twist. :)

Anonymous said...

I love how out of all the brightly colored toy options, he goes for the plain, black remote. Truett is the same way!

Yay for crawling!

Joy Lynne