Saturday, August 8, 2009

"My Husband Rocks!" Friday

Don't ask what my problem is! This is the second week in a row that I didn't get this done on Friday.

Jeff rocks this week because we have barely seen him.

Yep, you heard me. We barely saw him all week. But that is because he began his class to be a relief driver on the fire truck.

Tuesday started with him taking the entrance test, and if you know Jeff, you know he has major test anxiety. But, he passed. He should have; he worked so hard studying.

Then he went to the first full class the day after a shift. Actually, this part did not rock. It sucked because we didn't get to see him until 6:30 pm last night after he had been gone 27 hours previously.

But, relief driver is just one more step toward becoming a Firefighter III and a driver engineer, which pays better;-)

If you think of us, pray. Especially in September when he will be gone for two whole weeks.


RebeccaMom said...

I'll definitely pray for you, it's tough when your man is gone... my hubby has been gone a lot lately too, but he is at least home at night, late, but home :)

Multiple personalities.. said...

Your hubby does totally rock for doing what he does. My prayers are with you and him and your whole family. :-)

♥ Teresa ♥ said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog! How interesting to find out your husband is a Gwinnett County Fireman. My husband and I met working as medics in DeKalb County. At that same time my husband was also the Assistant Fire Chief for Fairburn Fire Department which, in case you don't know, is in South Fulton County. Of course, that was almost 20 years ago! I am now disabled and he has moved on to construction management but we still have lots of friends who work for DeKalb and Gwinnett. Small world, huh?

I love how you honor your husband every week, it is truly awesome. The work he does is definitely challenging and brave. However, don't tell him I said that because us medics love to give firefighters a hard time about not working! LOL! It is a long standing joke we have that fireman are 'remote control operators'. :0) But don't worry, they have their own jokes for us, too! You can bet though, when it comes down to it, we all work hand in hand and get the job done. I have made some of my best friendships with the people I worked with at the Fire Department. There are no truer friendships to be made than those made working 24 hour shifts together, running calls that mean the difference between life and death. I really miss it some days!

Well, thanks again for stopping by my blog. I hope to 'see' you again really soon!

Many Blessings,

Teresa <><

Michelle said...

AWE! That's awesome.

Over from SITS.

Sarah Bee said...

Hard working husbands are TOTALLY something to be proud of, GO JEFF!!!

Praying for you this month for sure, being apart totally sucks, but has to be done sometimes. Way to stick in there and be supportive!

Stopping by from SITS have a fabulous and completely blessed week! =]

Deva84 said...

Congrats to you Hubby!

I don't have a husband and kid so I can only imagine that from time to time his abscence must suck.

But you can be pround of your husband!

bisous! deva.

♥ Teresa ♥ said...

Hey there,

Stopping back in to say hello and see what great words you had to say about your hubby today! I guess you've been busy this week. I hope you are doing OK.

I ran into an old EMS buddy on Facebook and saw that he is a FF Lieutenant/Paramedic at Gwinnett. His name is Johnny Whelchel. Does your husband know him? He and my husband were really close when we were all working at DeKalb. We haven't seen him in years but he hasn't changed one bit!

Well, I hope you and your family has an amazing weekend. I will talk to you soon.


Teresa <><

Momma Mig said...

thanks for your encouragement!! he is applying at dekalb (the only ones actively hiring newbies right now) even though we live in hall and are super close to gwinnett. :( waiting is no fun but it sure does help to hear that others went through the same thing!!!