Monday, July 14, 2008

A funny thing

O.k. It's not like "HA HA HA! THAT IS SO FUNNY!" but just sort of interesting to me.

One of the baby tickers says I've 114 days to go (the one with the baby floating around) and the other says 113 (the one with the frog on the lily pad). I set both up with the same data.

In addition, the ultra sound tech said they calculated my due date as October 21. My calculations and the ticker company's calculations both say November 4th/5th. I am positive that we are right because this was meticulously planned, and I had been charting since December to make sure little one came along at the right time (after Jeff's fire fighter 2 raise).

Not that I would be sad if this thing comes a few weeks ahead of schedule. I hate the cold, so I would have to buy a bunch of warm clothes for the end of October/ early November, but then that is the only time they'd get used. As it is right now, I've only bought a few things and my two friends have lent me the rest of what I have been wearing.

One more funny thing:

We went to the Blueberry Farm with the Aaron and Sarah and their two little boys on Tuesday. The picking were decent. Not spectacular, but fair. We were able to at least each get a gallon of berries.

Well, I heard Sarah tell her oldest (he's 3) to turn his hat around so he wouldn't get sun burned on his face, but every time I saw him, the hat was backwards. I was relating this to Jeff, and he told me that Jeremiah (the little boy) told him he had to wear the hat backwards so that we could see him:-) I'm guessing he couldn't see us well enough with the hat on. Or maybe he couldn't see the berries? Not that that mattered. The kid ate more berried than he put in the bucket. I bet potty training was fun that night!

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