Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Santa Problem

I thought this gentleman did an excellent job of dealing with the Santa problem:
Raising Modern Day Josephs
I don't see any problem with having harmless fun, but I do see a problem in lying to your kids when they flat out ask.


svr said...

jeremiah has started asking about santa this year. we also never really talked about him. but i will not lie. i told him basically the same thing that the guy in your link did.
jeremiah asked, "well who will bring us presents then?" (i am still wondering how he figured that out about santa since we never talked about him....) and i told him that presents come from people who love him and want to give him something special.

Multiple personalities.. said...

I'm so glad you posted this! My son hasn't asked the big question yet, but I suspect that time is coming soon, and this will be a big help. Much appreciated my friend! :-D

drea said...

what a great post! My son is 2 and we just act like he is another storybook character, we don't do santa at our house.

brooke lynn said...

yeah totally. i wrote a blog about how i finally told our 6 year old the truth about santa. we expect her to be truthful to us so it doesn't make sense for us to lie to her.
nice to meet you fellow georgian!!! :)