Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Moms at Risk - ABC News

I have really been impressed with the quality of ABC's reporting lately in relation to child birth. I am thinking they must have one well educated, natural birther on staff because their reporting seems to really be coming from a place of wisdom and not just sensationalism.

I knew things were really getting bad in the U.S. due to the rising popularity among OBs to use too many interventions unnecessarily, but I had no idea that our maternal death rate had TRIPLED over the last decade. To me, that is just unacceptable. So tell me how a 31% Cesarean section rate is saving lives again? Tell me why VBAC is more dangerous that routine, repeat, scheduled c-sections? Tell me why we have such a high national induction rate other than waiting for the baby to truly be ready to come into the world in it own time?

Anyway, here's the report. I hope you find it as interesting as I did.
New Moms at Risk - ABC News


Dou-la-la said...

I've been very impressed as well! And CNN has been very good lately too, actually. I am EXTREMELY encouraged that this is all starting to finally sink in with at least some major media outlets. W00t!

chelle said...

it's so hard to find doctors who aren't anxious to induce and knock you out on medicine though! it's really frustrating. i have a hard time with pedis too :(

Morgan said...

I agree on the inductions- it's lack of patience in many (not all though) circumstances.

For the increased death rate, I think that may have something to do with the increased problems with pre-eclampsia and other health concerns that arise during pregnancy.

I'm momma Skyla said...

When my midwife ditched town and I had to find a doc 2 months before due date, the first Doc I went to see asked, "What's a good day for you. I'll be free on such and such date. Want to have the baby then?" I was shocked at how casually she assumed that I'd like to go by her schedule rather than the baby's. 3 natural births later, I am convinced it's the way to go!!! Thanks for sharing!