Thursday, May 6, 2010

Holy Day-From-Hell, Batman!

O.k. So maybe "day from hell" is a vast exaggeration. But what a day it was!

It all started with Jude waking up at 6:45, a whole hour early, while my alarm was set for 7:30 to give me time to get showered and ready for work before he woke for the day. Not a major tragedy. It just meant that I had to shower with the door open since Jeff was at work, and that for most of my shower, I had an audience consisting of one two and a half foot spectator who kept chirping, "Hi, mama!" over and over.

The baby sitter arrived on time and Jude loves Miss Sophia, so there was no problem getting out the door. All went well with the student. When I returned home, I walked in to find Jude crying from having fallen off his fire truck, but still, no big deal because this happens often. Mostly he only cries if a person reacts to his falling, and since Sophia is only 12, I am sure that she reacted.

We played at the playground and came home for lunch. Only minor meltdowns, because he was probably blazing tired by lunch time due to being up an extra hour.

The real trouble started when I put him down for his nap and was shortly thereafter hit with a huge migraine. So I had to take the medicine. I hate that stuff. It kicks out the headache, but it makes me drag like you wouldn't believe. And it makes my skin feel weird.

On days that I have class at night and Jeff is working, I usually feed Jude dinner at 4:45 because I have to drive him to the (other) babysitter. He usually wakes from his nap between 3:30 - 4:00. Well, not today. 4:00 came and went. So did 4:15, 4:30, 4:45. About this time, I began to realize I should pack my stuff for class into the Jeep. And this is when I realized that Jeff had my books, my church key, and the diaper bag in the van. No problem. The students just wouldn't be able to borrow any books tonight, I would have to go in to the church through the other building, and I would throw stuff for Jude into a shopping bag.

4:50, Jude FINALLY wakes up, so I decide it's a Subway night. Get in the Jeep and realize it needs gas. Thankfully, Subway is in Walmart! Slowest service ever at Subway. Plus, I'm dragging and sweaty from the Imitrex. Get a gas card and zip over to the gas station only to realize I don't know how to open the gas door (I've never fueled up the Jeep). Call Jeff, and he tells me how to get in.

Get to the babysitter's house, to find only the dad is home because the babysitter forgot we were coming. No problem. They're friends of ours and Jude was glad to stay with the dad. I actually had an easier time leaving him with the dad than the daughter. Jude really digs hanging out with guys.

But by this time it is 5:55 and my class starts at 6:00. So I am about 5 minutes late to class. My students were all very understanding. We had a pretty decent class. So it looks like it will be a pretty uneventful night to a hectic day. I get Jude from the babysitter with only a mild temper tantrum (solved by a tambourine that I had in the car!) because he would rather sit in the driver's seat than his car seat, get in and turn the key and the stupid (26 year old) Jeep won't start:-( Why not. Fortunately, I am a genius, so I popped it in neutral to get it off the hill and once it was on flat ground, it started.

And now, as I type this at 9:45, Jude is lying in his bed singing. Since I found out I don't need to go to work in the morning, I am really hoping that this hectic day will convince my son to sleep in, because we both need it tomorrow:-)


S.I.F. said...

Were you out of gas lady?

Hope you get more rest tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Phew! That's a tiring day! Hope tomorrow is less eventful!

Holly Renee said...

I am exhausted just reading this. I feel for you lady. You are super mom today. I loved the part where you said you had a little audience for your shower saying, "Hi mom." So funny. Hope you get some rest tomorrow.

This Daddy said...

Good thing you are married to a fireman, so he can cool you off.

brooke lynn said...

man, i have those kind of days too...good thing they are few and far between!