Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I have GOT to update my blog! With the little sister visiting and summer travel and coming home to start my tutoring gig right away, I haven't had a moment to organize any thoughts.

But, the weekend is coming:-)


brooke lynn said...

well, i guess that quick little blurb was better than nothing! hee hee.

have a great weekend, glad to know ya'll are doing okay.

Victoria said...

Here's another weekend. lol

lisad33611 said...

I feel your pain. I try to post at least one little something everyday, but sometimes I just have too much going on to do it.
Thanks for the info about bf baby poop. She gets about 2-4 oz of baby food a day, but there are some days I dont' give her any at all. I'd say she's 99.9% BF still. I'm hoping that won't stain the dipes. Any suggestions on what to do when she is eating more solids? Should I pre-soak them in somthing?