Saturday, October 8, 2011

They're out of control. . .

These companies are out of control.

Last week I received an e-mail from Gerber, "Your Pregnancy: Week 37." (Ha! If only I had ever made it to week 37!)

Friday I got one from Simlac, "Your Pregnancy: Week 34." (Now that one I did make. Passed even, delivering at 35.5 weeks. But that was 3 years and a week ago.)

Today I received a box in the mail. You guessed it: formula samples.

I am SO far from being pregnant it's not even funny. About 6 months after the boy was born, I developed a hormonal imbalance. We verified it with a salivary profile test. Then this past June (ironically, the month we had set to consider trying again) I started experiencing excruciating pain several days running every couple of weeks and it turned out to be rupturing cysts. Since July, I've been on the pill to keep the cysts away.

These companies are out of control.

I have a fake internet friend who I have TONS of respect for. She struggles with a severe and confusing case of endometriosis that has rendered her infertile. She has dealt with two very expensive and unsuccessful IVF cycles. She has also in the past few months received similar e-mails and even larger formula sample packages than I.

These companies are out of control. For me, the samples and e-mails are just mildly annoying. For her, they are extremely painful reminders of those embryos that didn't stick. These companies need to pay attention what they are doing.

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