Saturday, January 19, 2008

Our Snow!

Well, I waited until today to post this because it was "supposed to" snow so much better today that it did on Thursday. Not even one flake fell. We heard that Atlanta got it pretty good though.

But Thursday is noteworthy because it got us out of school:-)

We maybe had 3/4" to an inch at most, but Daisy enjoyed it.

It fell all night, but by the time and we had a better ground cover than this, but I don't take good pictures in the dark, so I did not try.

This is what was left when I went out at 9:00am. It was better when I went out with Daisy at 6:00 (had to get up anyway to watch the news to see if school was canceled), but again, it was dark, so I did not take a photo.

I knew our back yard would look cool with snow! (Well, some of this is our back yard, some of it is the golf course).


Rob said...

Nice snow pictures.. our pipes froze!.

roadrunner201 said...

Ouch! Frozen pipes:-( I hope that you don't have costly repairs.
We just have trouble keeping the temp up in the house when it drops below 25. For example, even with the thermostat at 74, it was only 66 when we woke up (one day it was only 61).