Sunday, January 27, 2008

Paddington goes to the Fire Academy

Jeff's nephew, Kuiper, was assigned to carry the class bear, Paddington, everywhere he went this weekend. This included his trip to Family Night for Gwinnett's almost graduated fire cadets (class 2007-3).

Here we have Jeff with Jacob, Kuiper, and Paddington, posing in posing with Jeff's fire gear in front of a reserve fire engine.

And, here, well, I guess Paddington wanted a ride in Uncle Jeff's pocket.

I was thankful that Jeff was not selected to do this demonstration while I was there.

And this photo of Jeff's neice was just too cute to pass up.

And this Friday at 4:00. . . GRADUATION! Anyone who wants to come, we'll see you at the Gwinnett County Courthouse. Thanks for your prayers and support through this loooooong 11 month!


Jason said...


I will not be able to attend your graduation, but "Way to go, bro!" I know you have put in some hard work and long hours but it is worth the wait! Congratulations!!


Morgan said...

I don't know how they climb those ladders. There is NO way I could do it.