Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Prayer Answered

God showed me in a very interesting way this morning just how He answers my prayers.

Every morning that Jeff leaves at 4:00am for Atlanta to go on shift (and when he was in the academy), I pray before I go back to sleep that God will keep him safe on the long drive. He always calls me at 6:15 to let me know that he has arrived safely. But this morning, he had a story for me.

We had thunder storms over night and it was still raining pretty heavily when Jeff left today. So, instead of going the normal 65 mph that you can go on that stretch of I-75, he was only going 50. Suddenly, he came upon a car in the middle lane that did not have any lights on and was driving maybe 35 mph.

Jeff swerved the car to the left to avoid this car, but the road was very wet and his car spun completely around, in the left lane, nearly hitting the guard wall.

In God's providence, there were no cars in the left lane at that time (odd that there would be no cars in the fast lane in Atlanta at 5:00 in the morning) and the car never stalled out, and Jeff was able to continue on, unscathed.

If there had been a car coming in that lane (or if he would have hit the wall) it would have torn right through our little plastic Saturn. I never dreamed that I would get such a vivid answer to the prayer I pray two - three mornings a week.

(Jeff said the driver of the other car finally turned on four way flashers after Jeff's 360.)

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