Tuesday, February 19, 2008

24hrs. fever free!

I went 24 hours without a fever for the first time in 4 days. Yeay! I can not say enough how much I appreciated Jeff looking after me on the days that he was not on shift. It was probably good practice for the days that he's on the ambulance:-)

Now, tomorrow I will get my butt out of the bed for the first time since I went to sleep on Friday night, and go to work knowing that I gave the flu to at least 4 of my students on Friday. There were a total of 85 kids out sick today (the attendance clerk sends us an e-mail every day). That is creeping up toward the amount of kids that were out last year when the school board canceled school for two days. I had the flu those days, too. Guess I better start getting the flu shot again. I've been protesting these past fet years because the thing has tripled in cost since I first started getting them.

Wonder how many kids will be absent tomorrow.

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