Monday, March 24, 2008

A Good Husband

Well, it finally happened today: that thing that I feel like I have been waiting for for the past three weeks. The morning sickness came to a head.

Here's the scene:

We were driving back from the mortgage place in Chattanooga. When we were only about four miles from home I tell Jeff he has to pull over. It was very nice that he was so careful not to bounce over this one driveway, but that slowed things down a little. I'm throwing the truck door
open and trying to lean out before he has even stopped.

Well, you know what happens in most vehicles when you hit the brakes, and ours was, of course, no exception. The seat belt locked. So the first round went all across my truck door and the step thingy (door frame?).

After everything was done with, I said to Jeff that I had some tissues in my purse, but I heard the other door close as I was saying it (my eyes were still closed because I am a HUGE baby when it comes to being sick that way). The next thing I know, there's Jeff on my side of the truck, taking his t-shirt off (did I mention that it was snowing?) to clean the door off!

True love is this: that a man would clean your throw up with his t-shirt while it's snowing:-)


Karen said...

true heroism at its best!

gracepace79 said...

Thanks so much for writing on my wall. It is so hard to be at work somedays! One thing I have switched up that is helping so far is that I am showering in the evenings instead of the mornings. I found that it was draining all my energy and I would have to lay on my couch for like 30 minutes before I could even get dressed. Anywway, thanks for the support! My hubby is great too! He does everything I ask of him, even getting me water in the middle of the night!