Monday, March 17, 2008

Hello Morning Sickness!

Uh, did I say morning? I mean all-day-that-I-am-not-asleep sickness! Wasn't really prepared for this. I ate half a box of ginger snaps BY MYSELF today, just trying to stay vertical.
Any remedy that someone throws at me, I try. So far the ginger has been the best, though the SeaBands have helped to take the edge off (but I think that they are going to leave permanent bruise on my wrists if I wear them too much longer).

On a positive note, my college roomie/co-worker/best friend Jenn has not experienced any morning sickness yet (she's 2 weeks behind me) and I am praying that she won't, either! They tried for so dang long for this little one, so I just want it to go as smoothly for her as it can possibly go.

Do you like the cool little baby tracker on the side of the page? Thanks to Karen (who is due on the same day as me) for putting that on her blog, so that I could find it for mine:-)

Oh, and resigning from my job wasn't as terrible as I was suspecting. Both bosses were very understanding, but assured me that this was a door that was always open if I wanted to come back. Hmmm, maybe in about 19 years? I wonder if it would still be open then. It would be very rare for a principal to be at a school that long.

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