Thursday, May 29, 2008

Baby Clothes

We hit the old Goodwill to find some shorts for Jeff today, but since they had no shorts that he liked, we wandered over to the Baby section. We got 6 wash cloths for $1.50 and four onsies for $1.29 each. Three of the onsies were Carter's brand. I LOVE Carter's stuff and I've been down to the Carter's outlet in Calhoun a few times to buy gifts for friends. I looked up similar Carter's onsies on the website today and found out that on those three onsies, we saved somewhere between $15 and $21! The ones I was looking at on the internet were $9 marked down to $6. And I paid $1.29 a piece:-) That makes me smile knowing that I paid less for all three onsies than one costs on sale!

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