Friday, October 30, 2009

"My Husband Rocks!" Friday

Whew! What an October we have had! With Jude's first birthday, our trip to Wisconsin with Jeff's parents, and then having to make an unplanned trip to Chicago when my great grandmother passed away. I think we slept in our own beds a total of 14 times this month. And between that and my switching back and forth between the guest bed and my own (due to its proximity to the boy and Jeff's intermittent snoring) there have been several mornings this week where I have woken up and had no idea where I was.

So, all of that to say that I have been missing from MHR for the last few weeks. But never fear! My husband does still rock! I mean, gee, he rocks simply for turning around 4 days after a 13 hour car tirp home to drive us 11 hours back in the same direction to go to Chicago. He rocks for supporting me through my grandmother's funeral. He rocks because even though my nephew hasn't seen him in 5 years (because they just moved back to the States from a 4 year station in Japan) you can still see how said nephew adores him.

He also rocks for passing along his awesome genes to our little man. Jeff's so laid back and I see that characteristic ALL OVER Jude. Jeff smiles all the time. Jude smiles all the time. Jeff even had Jude laughing less than one minute after his HIB vaccination this morning. Of course, my son rocks because he never acts like shots even phase him. (A HUGE answer to prayer! Mama freaks out about such things.)

P.S. This is an aviation display at The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. We did NOT fly to Chicago. We both WISH we did, but it was more cost effective to drive. . .

If you want to participate in MHR, see Katy Lin's blog, The Great Adventure, to see how it started and what to do. Happy Friday:-)


Nicole said...

During difficult times like this, having a supportive husband is so important! I'm thrilled that you have that in Jeff! (And Jude's so cute!)

Thanks for stopping by my blog today and for the encouragement! I have looked in on your blog several times over the past couple of months. Precious family!

Sheri Carpetenter said...

Happy Saturday Sharefest!! Stopping by from SITS. Awesome post and it is great that you have such a supportive husband.
Hope you and your family have a safe and Happy Halloween!!!

Sherri @ Luv a Bargain said...

Yea for husbands that rock! I hope you get to sleep in your bed much more next month:)