Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oh, be careful little teeth. . .

See the big boy choppers?

Well, these days these little choppers are hearing the phrase, "NO biting!" a LOT. A WHOLE LOT!

List of things he has bitten:
* Mommy's shirt
* The couch cushion
* The clip on mommy's nursing tank
* Mommy's cell phone
* Mommy's digital camera (and scratched the screen)
* Mommy
* Daddy

Thankfully he has NOT bitten the dog. Poor Daisy. She already has to deal with him grabbing handfuls of fur when he passes her.

Sooooo, what did you do to break the biting habit? (I DO NOT want to hear bite back. All that really does is show that you can bite if you are bigger.) To be honestly, I am so shocked that biting begins this early. He's not being malicious. As a matter of fact, you can tell that he just thinks it's plain old funny. Someone told me to pinch by the diaper line as soon as he bites. We shall see. I am going to try a couple more weeks of "NO biting!" first.


joannabug said...

It's hard, really hard. Ian went through a really difficult stage with biting, right around the same stage as your little guy.

We would clearly say "no bite," and remove him from the situation. Also, we made sure that he had lots of stuff he could chew on--pacifiers, mostly, but also toys he could bite, teething biscuits, etc. We found that helped the most. Also, tylenol for the pain (or homeopathic teething tablets, if you're more comfortable with that.

Sometimes it just takes some riding out, even though I would keep trying to make your expectations clear.

*hugs* That was one of the hardest thing we had to deal with in parenting so far.

joannabug said...

Also, a couple more thoughts. One thing that helped my own attitude was just to really empathize with the kind of pain he was feeling--teething is basically teeth coming through bone (!) before surfacing.

And eventually we could see signs that he might be working up to a bite, and we would stop it before it happened. (the worst for us was that he thought Elanor was his own personal teething toy, and she was just so small and defenseless at the time)

Sherri @ Luv a Bargain said...

Oh, it is a tough time. I was lucky that both of mine were not real big biters. When they did do it, a loud "OW" followed by a frim "NO, That hurts!" Good will get better.
Frozen wash clothes to suck on were a big hit.

Mindy Skains Barefoot Book Ambassador said...

enjoy it, Before you know it he will be a big boy.


Noelle said...

aaaah, biting. i only had one biter out of four kids. i always likened it to a puppy that's getting new teeth and needs something to really chomp on to make the "itchy pain" go away. what worked for me: wet washclothes in the freezer. mine did really well with that. he could chew it and bite it. i think that helped. good luck! and i LOVE the name judah! he is adorable!

also...thanks for stopping by my blog. come by any ole time!

deyoder said...

Hmmm...your best bet is consistency! Sounds like you'll have that down. And after you say "no biting" give him something he CAN bite. Like a teething ring from the freezer (stock a couple). And like the post above, he's not just biting to bite. It's uncomfortable, and he's soothing that pain with pressure. You're doing great, Mommy!

I love the song "Hope Now", btw. One of my favorites! And I'm a Georgia girl too!