Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Big Boy

Until I became a parent, I never realized that a small triangle of construction paper could elicit such strong emotions from a person. That person, of course, would be me.

We've been going to a Moms2Moms (like MOPS) group since Jude was 6 months old and for the last meeting, Jude went to the "toddler room" nursery. This is the kid that doesn't even look back to say goodbye when I drop him off at any nursery.

I guess the first thing that got my blood pumping was when I went to pick him up and he was the first in the front of a whole pack of kids waiting at the baby gate for their mommies. I almost didn't recognize him because he just looked so grown up standing there!

Then as I was putting his jacket on, the girl in charge handed me this:

and so much pride began flowing through me that I truly felt like I might burst. What?!! A little piece of construction paper with yard sale stickers and a clothes pin? Really? Yep. My baby had composed his first creation and it was definitely one of the highlights of parenting thus far.

I look forward to many other, odd, small joys over the next several years, but I don't think anything can top how I felt in that moment when the nursery worker handed me Jude's Christmas tree:-)

Please excuse the greasy finger print. I let him hold it while we were having lunch!

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joannabug said...

Ohh, that's precious! I can't believe how big he's gotten!