Saturday, January 9, 2010

"My Husband Rocks!" Friday, on Saturday, and quite a bit late!

So, my husband DOES still rock even though life has been so crazy since the end of September that I haven't sat down to think about WHY he rocks. Jude was sick, then his 1st birthday, out of town family visiting, a 14 hour car trip north to meet Daddy's extended family, the loss of my great grandmother and another 11 hour car trip north for the funeral, Holidays, illness, illness, and did I mention illness?

But as I was preparing to shower this morning, I was reminded of another reason why Jeff rocks. They say that the average person loses 200 hairs a day. Well, if that the average person, I must loose upward of 500. It's awful! My hair is everywhere! It totally wraps around the vacuum brush, toes, socks, the tub drain. . . Where ever you don't want to find my hair, you will.

And it is not like I intentionally rinse my hair down the tub drain. I promise that I collect as much as I can in my fingers as I "wash" and condition my hair. ("Wash" because I no longer use shampoo in my hair. See Curly Girl for an explanation. My hair has never looked better than it does now!) But it never fails that about every two or three months the tub starts to drain slow and we bring up big wads of hair.

But it dawned on me that I haven't noticed a slow drain in at least half a year. Telling me that my sweet husband has just accepted this fate and has just been quietly de-clogging the drain on a regular basis. Have you ever seen a hair clog? They are so freaking gross. My husband rocks for doing my dirty work;-)

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j said...

my hubby is grossed out about the hair in the drain so i do it myself. i agree your hubby rocks for doing the dirty work. by the way i just ordered the book so i hope it helps my curls out. i also lost hair recently and added more beef to my diet it made a difference.

Fancy Pants said...

My husband does the same for me too! Our husbands the best!