Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nope. No Different.

No, 31 does not feel a bit different than 30. Except when my dad asked me if I felt any different today than I did yesterday, I was able to respond with an emphatic "yes!" because yesterday I had my worst migraine in almost 5 years. Enough to send me to the chiropractor today. But thankfully, today for my birthday, I got a migraine free day.

31 years ago today, I was born at home. Er, I mean, at my parents' landlords' home. My mom didn't know she was in labor and did not have a phone so she went over there. I can not imagine what they thought. I would love for her to write a guest post telling that story one day. Had my first (only) ambulance ride when I was only minutes old.

19.5 years later, I watched this inspirational woman give birth to my little sister. Her first birth attended by an actual OB (because the nurse "caught" my other sis, the one who is almost 14 months younger than me, while the doc was washing his hands. . .) and the first birth my father made it in time for.

We drop 'em fast in this family. Watching Vickie's birth that day made me sure I could do that and 10 years later, that one day is part of what made me sure I could trust my body and the process that God set up for birth enough to have a home birth.

And all of this began coming into works before I even made my arrival into this world. 31 years ago, on a couch in Mulrennan, FL. Who would have thought.

Oh, and what a happy birthday it was. The most difficult decision that I had to make all day was if I wanted to get my free birthday meal at Mojo Burrito or Provino's and if I wanted to have a free birthday Cold Stone Creamery creation or a free birthday Blizzard. (Mmmmm. Midnight Truffle Blizzard. Guess what I chose.) And we were the only stupid ones sitting in Dairy Queen eating ice cream in 28 degree weather. My 16 month old son, being the smartest one of the three of us today, took one bite of the ice cream and clammed up, refusing another bite. Well, at least one of us had a brain. I, on the other hand, had midnight truffle;-)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!

I always want ice cream when it's freezing outside!

S.I.F. said...

OK, those are fast births! Holy cow!! And happy birthday!

Chrissy said...

Happy birthday. Glad to know you made it through 30 and that 31 is ok, too! ;o)

I gave you a blog award today on my page. You will have to scroll down past my WFMW post.