Sunday, June 13, 2010


It is no secret that I kill plants. I was even able to kill a cactus eventually. It always starts out good. The cactus, I was able to keep alive for 2 years. I even kept an Africal Violet alive for about 4 years. But eventually, I end up killing them. 

So, last year when some friends wanted to go in on a group garden, I was game, as long as someone told me! 

The day after we got all the plants in the ground, the hail storm took care of that garden. Big disappointment to drive all that way just to have it knocked down by chunks of ice. 

So this year, I purposed in my heart to attempt a garden in my yard. I didn't want to commit to tearing up my lawn if this proved to be another unsuccessful venture, so I bought some plastic kiddie pools. 

The plants came up and kept getting bigger! Then one day, I came out to see this: 

Oh, yeah! That's a flower baby! (Two to be precise!) And flowers mean fruit! (Or in this case, veggies!) There's the first one: 

And again after harvest: 

And we've brought in 4 others to date with two more about ready to come off. 

The only mishap we've had is that I was sure I planted one container of zucchini and one of yellow squash, but it turns out it's all zucchini. 

I've also got some lettuce about ready to come in and some carrots and cucumbers that will be ready in the next several weeks. Still waiting to see what's going to happen with my tomatoes and peppers. . . But it's success enough to make me want to till a spot in the yard for next year!

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This Daddy said...

Awesome. Out of all the things we planted and are trying to grow, the Jalapenos are turning out the best. Our Cilantro smells good, not sure how it is growing though.

Good Work