Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's time for another Jude post

The boy has learned how to turn my camera on. This is not too much of a problem, so long as he doesn't start deleting pictures. He has really enjoyed taking pictures of himself. Is it a sick obsession that he seems to enjoy having the flash in his eyes? I have about 50 pictures on my camera like this: 

(Jude: Self Portrait)

And here's what happens when the flash is covered by his thumb, but the red eye light still comes on: 

(Jude: Wowza! That was some hot salsa!)

And this is how Jude tells you that he wants nothing to do with the llama at the zoo: 

This is what it looks like when Jude steals mommy's iPod when she is trying to get ready to go for a run: 

And when he's pretending to go "nigh-nigh:"

When he's practicing being Daddy's boss (the front says "Fire Chief"):

And finally, enjoying some good ol' bath time: 


S.I.F. said...

I love Jude... Perfect, adorable, so freaking happy Jude!

Why is he starting to look more like a little boy than a baby though?!?

joannabug said...

Aww, he looks like such a happy kid!

roadrunner201 said...

Joanna, he's the happiest kid I've ever met! I think he gets it from his daddy. I don't know if you knew Jeff when you were at Covenant, but he was always smiling.

UnicycleRose said...

That kid is not only the new family phtographer, he is a doll!

This Daddy said...

Those are some cool shots. What Zoo was that, ATL. We had passes but, Tracy got Puppet Arts Center passes for summer.