Friday, July 2, 2010

Of all the weirdness I could come up with?!?!

I was going through my photo files, kind of cleaning house and I came across this pic of me from January 2008. I was lying on the couch at our old house, working on school work. Apparently, this was a signal to the pets that mama wanted some luvin' because I promise, this was not staged. They just made themselves at home:

Now days, pets are  not allowed on the furniture. Actually, we got rid of el gato, because she could not (would not?) be trained to obey this rule. But, I usually find my self in similar situations: 

That's o.k. This one, we'll keep:-)


This Daddy said...

Keep him, I bet he can be trained.

Erin Honestly said...

Both of those photos are adorable!

brooke lynn said...

yeah, i couldn't handle a cat doing that. just a dog and kid!!! too cute! :)