Thursday, December 20, 2007

Marathon Grading Day!

75 Reading Response Journals
75 Writer's Workshop Notebooks (notes section only, thank goodness! If I don't grade it, they fail to keep it organized.)
75 Word Stem Tests
75 Pieces of Expository Writing

I want to get as much of it done today as possible, even though grades are not due until 2:00 on the day we come back in January (the 7th) because I want to take home as little as possible. I already know the expository pieces will be coming home with me because I have wordy gifted kids (when we did narrative, some of them wrote 6, 7, 8, 12! pages.). But everything else will be in the grade book program before I leave today even if I have to stay until 5:00.

I remember when I started and I taught regular ed. and I had 120 kids. If I still had 120 kids now, I think I would have jumped off a cliff already. Or, maybe just dumped the grading off the cliff.

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