Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Biggest fan

I didn't think he would remember this, but Jude's first concert was a Skillet concert. Of course, he was the size of a peach because I was only in the second trimester of my pregnancy.

It is amazing the things that someone so small, that some people want to say is just a bunch of cells, will remember. The first time we took a long car trip (for our 6 week midwife appointment) Jude started wailing. I was alone with him because Jeff was at work. Out of desperation, I turned on the Comatose CD and he quieted right down.

Well, apparently his favor of this band stuck. I have seen him rock back and forth and shake his head for other songs, but nothing like this:

Eat your heart out John Cooper. I think you have some future competition;-)


susanfranceschini said...

This video was too cute. Victoria says she wishes there was more. I saw that he wasn't holding on in some the video. He will be walking and dancing at the same time soon it looks like. At least you know what his favorite band is for now.


roadrunner201 said...

Well, mom, Jeff and I talked about the possibility of her staying here for a school year, but she is really better off academically in the schools down there. She will be far more ready for college. We don't have the honors classes she is taking. I know it has been a big gripe with some of the kids I taught when then went to college.

Missy said...

The video is so cute. I used to sing Christmas Carols to my oldest when I was in my second trimester and she still stops and listens everytime I sing one and she's five now...now if only I could find a way to slow down my son.

Jenny said...

HAHA that's so cute.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope to see you again :D