Saturday, November 7, 2009

"My Husband Rocks!" Friday

Oops! Or Saturday. . .

But, none the less, Jeff still rocks! I wanted to take a picture of all the leaves he will be cleaning up from the yard (from only two trees! Two very, large trees, but still, only two trees!) but it was too dark when we got home tonight. (Grr! Day light savings!)

During this time of year, trying to keep the leaves out of the yard is like trying to hold 100 ping pong balls under water. As soon as you get some of them cleaned up, there are just as many on the ground again. And on the roof. And in the gutters. And in the elderly neighbor's driveway. You get it.

So, in additon to everything Jeff has to keep up with on his off days around here, now we are in leaf season. Fall is kind of a love/hate thing. But my rockin' husband never complains. He just does what needs to be done.

Yeay, Jeff!

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5thsister said...

Good for you! Sorry to hear about your rainy day, though. Suppose to get that way here, too.

Stopping by from SITS!