Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Body after baby

Can I just say: OH YEAH!!!

Remember that I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was going to be participating in the Body After Baby challenge? Then I never said another word about it again?

Well, I've been doing the WORK (watching portions, getting more exercise, and thanks to Jude's maturing sleep habits, getting more sleep. Yep. Sleep has something to do with weight loss!), just not the work (logging points for the weekly challenges, doing weekly weigh ins and posting about progress).

And, DrUmRoLl please. . . in one month. . . I have lost. . . 8 POUNDS!!!!!

Go me.

Pretty soon, this will be me!

Well, except I won't be a man;-)


svr said...

we should keep each other accountable. i did really well for a few weeks and then kinda fell off the wagon. :-(

Sherri @ Luv a Bargain said...

Woohoo!!! That is great! You can do it!

roadrunner201 said...

Thanks Sherrie:-)

Sarah, YES!!! I want to do that. I really think we need to just agree that these x, y, z days are the days we will walk @ this time and if a conflict arises, fine. Just let the other person know.

Maybe M, W, F @ 10 or even 9:30?

susanfranceschini said...

Way to go Lisa. Keep up the good work. I knew you could do it again. Yes sleep does have a lot to do with weight loss, believe it or not.

Cascia said...

Congratulations! That is fantastic!

Michelle said...


So tell me where and how I join? I still have 2 months left...but as soon after birth as I feel human this weight is coming off. I"M HUGE!!!!!

Morgan said...

That's great! 8lbs in a month sounds like a great accomplishment!