Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bad Manners

The jury is still out on this one whether or not this was bad manners or if this woman just thought she was impressing me because I am an educator.

Tonight, I was enjoying a night out at dinner alone with my husband. Then, standing there at our table is the parent of one of my students (who happened to also be employed by the restaurant. She begins to question me about a certain grade in my grade book (our grade books are on line so parents can log in to their child's account to see how they are doing). First, it was a passing grade. Second, I don't think that I would ever walk up to her when she was out with her husband and demand to know why the price of a certain meal at her restaurant went up.

Maybe it is because I live in the South that she thought this was acceptable? Or maybe because we live in a small town? She was not being short, just questioning why I exempted her child from an assignment. But I would sure like to enjoy my dinner on a Sunday night without having to think about work.

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