Friday, November 9, 2007

This One's for You, Mom!

Mom always said how much she liked fall colors. Since she has been stuck in Florida for the past 30+ years, sooooo far away from anything that resembles a fall color, Jeff and I took on a mission this weekend - scour LaFayette for the best fall colors. I still haven't decided if the wonder of these fall colors is a good trade off for these 26 degree nights we've had the past three days. Brrr. Bye, bye snap dragons. First drought, then this. I give up.

These are the results of our work:

This was taken at the track where I do my three mile run every day.

This is the pond behind our neighborhood. I guess they had to give the golfers some place to lose their golf balls, as if my back (and front!) yard was not enough. In the past 9 months we have collected 47 golf balls from our yard.

This one is right on Main St. I drive by it every day on my 1 mile drive from home to work.

You'll have to turn your head sideways for this one, because I can't figure out how to turn it. It was taken at the park in front of the Marsh House (the historic plantation house in LaFayette).

More fall photos to come, but the bolgspot will only let me publish four at a time.

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