Monday, December 8, 2008


Jude was baptized yesterday. True to Highland's form, it was not without event. First, I was nursing when Travis called us up because he always does them at the end of the sermon and I expected the sermon to be longer. Then, Travis realized he brought the adult baptism questions, so he had to run downstairs to get the parent questions. Here he is explaining that to us.

Whew! Got the questions! Hooray for the Book of Church Order!

Then, the water poured into Jude's eye. Here's the instant right before that happened. It took everything in me not to jump in and brush it off, but all Jude said was, "Eeh, eeh," and continued looking around the room.

Ready for his close up!

Family photos:

And, here is Jenn's little girl. We've already prearranged the marriage. Expect a wedding invitation in a couple of decades:-)

And I just loved this photo.


svr said...

Jeff & Lisa,
It is always a blessing for us to witness (and be a part of) the baptism of friend's children. It is amazing to me to think of God's promises to our children!
We love you guys and are here to help in any way we can!
the Rapiers

roadrunner201 said...

Sarah, we are really grateful for the family that we have at Highlands! Thanks for all your help already. I can't wait until it's warm and we can take the boys (all three) to the park together!