Friday, December 5, 2008

First Parade

Jude went to his first parade this evening - LaFayette's Christmas parade. It's nothing much. Basically every baseball team, church, or civic group in town riding trailers pulled by pick up trucks. Jeff said it was pretty "red." But we had fun. Actually, there were a couple of nicely decorated "floats" (using that term loosely. We even had a tractor-trailer from the ol' Walmart in the parade. It had Christmas lights on it.
Jude slept through the whole thing, even when the firetrucks came by running sirens and blowing their horns! Slept through the LHS marching band and ROTC. Slept through the hot rods driving by revving their engines. The minute we walked into Subway to get dinner, he woke up. Guess it was too quiet!
It was 29 degrees, so here is what he wore:

He was the warmest one of us all to say the least!

Also, I finally got some photos of him smiling (sort of):

Shortly after these were taken, Jeff took this photo:

Guess he had a big day!


susanfranceschini said...

The pictures are great. I love seeing all the pictures you post of Jude. I just wish we could get there to see him. Victoria was supposed to be in the Christmas Parade in Plant City, on Dec. 5, but there was a guy out there that was shooting people with a big assault rifle, so they had to cancel the parade. They found the guy about an hour and a half before the parade was supposed to start. All the schools in Plant City were on lock down. They couldn't leave there classrooms at all. Keep posting the pictures. I'm just loving it.



svr said...

so sweet.
we went to 2 parades last year (summerville and lafayette) and it is fun for the kids for sure. this year i was working....

roadrunner201 said...

Mom, that's crazy about a gunman being in Plant City. That's supposed to be such a safe area. I am glad that they got things under control before the parade was to begin. Why was Vickie going to be in the parade?