Thursday, December 25, 2008

First Christmas

This is Jeff and my seventh married Christmas, but it is our first Christmas as a trio. Jude's first Christmas. At nine days short of three months, he of course, has no idea what is going on, but it was fun anyway. This morning "he" opened gifts from mommy & daddy, Aunt Ann & Uncle Joe, Great-grandma & Great-grandpa, and Grandma Linda. Respectively he received his first piggy bank (so he will understand the importance of saving earl, a sock monkey & the bouncy seat from mommy & daddy, a great blanket and a TON of clothes from Aunt Ann & Uncle Joe, a great running suit from Great-grandma & Great-grandpa, and a super cool wooden monkey toy from Africa from Grandma Linda.

Here's the photos documenting the morning:


Aunt Tonja said...

Very cute pictures!! I love that the sock monkey is as big as Jude!!!

susanfranceschini said...

You found a sock monkey for Jude. I think it was at Easter we found one for Victoria at Cracker Barrel. You and Ann used to have one of those sock monkeys, also, remember. Well it looks like Jude got a lot of nice things for Christmas. Keep the pictures coming. I love to see you guys even if it is only in pictures. Hopefully one day we can make it up there to see you all.


Mom, Dad, and Victoria

roadrunner201 said...

Yeah, Target had the sock monkeys for only $15. Yes, I remember Herdemer. As a matter of fact, I still have him. He's in my little wooded cradle in the guest room.

Tonja, I didn't even realize that about the monkey until you mentioned it. That's wild! My kid is shorter than a sock monkey!!!