Friday, December 12, 2008

The Effectiveness of Prayer

God is so good! I know that He is good all the time, but I just feel it so acutely right now. Here is a video I got of Jude this afternoon. I could tell all day that people were praying for him. We didn't even have a single fussy moment today after four days of all out bawling at feeding times! We had a very sweet day together, which amazes me more because daddy was on duty today, so we were going it alone and I was preparing for a long day. Oh me of little faith:-( Of course, if I really had little faith that he would be better, I wouldn't have asked people to pray, I suppose! Or maybe faith follows the action?


svr said...

i love how god gives us what we need most, even when we sometimes don't have the faith to ask or believe it will happen.
so glad you had a good day. if you are ever having a bad day and need someone else to hold him for a little while he cries, just remember i am right down the street and now pretty immune to noise. :-)

roadrunner201 said...

I may have to take you up on that. We had a very frightening evening last night when he woke out of a dead sleep screaming like he was on fire. He did this for an hour and I had the hardest time getting him to nurse. He was pouring sweat and our house was only 69 degrees and all I had him in was a diaper. Took him to the pedi. today and he said it was probably a reflux. We walked out with another round of antibiotics because doc. still saw fluid in the ear. By the time this one is done, Jude will have been on antibiotics 30 of his 83 days on earth! Poor kid.