Friday, June 20, 2008

And It Was Free

I have been so excited about the website, first because we have gotten rid of things that we otherwise would have thrown out (all the stuff the previous owner left behind: vehicle ramps, diesel gas cans, fence gates, etc) and because of all the really great stuff we've needed (or wanted) and did not have to pay for. We got a weight bench and a whole set of weights for Jeff (and me once I let my gym membership expire), a crib, and a changing table. Add that to the cabinet that the other owner left behind and the baby room is almost ready to go. Too bad IT won't sleep in there until like March or April of '09:-)

So here are the photos of the free baby stuff. We still have to put the bottom of the crib in and add the mattress that came from Vickie's crib (we used that crib for a headboard on the guest bed). I can't believe my little sister is going to be 10 in a month!

We'll need to get one of those terry cloth covers for the actual changing pad because it has two small tears in the vinyl.

A friend gave us most of the books on the bottom shelf yesterday. The rest I got at the used bookstores in Chattanooga and LaFayette for a quarter to two dollars. Again, the 500 books thing:-)

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