Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Arg! Registering!

O.k. So I know very little about registering for a baby. I mean, I've taken care of enough kids to know the basics: diapers, clothes, something to sleep in. But since people keep grousing about me buying things myself for the baby (how will people know what to buy you if you keep getting them yourself. I've heard it twice now.) I figured I better be pretty comprehensive with our registry.

So, if you are one of my friends (or relatives) who's a mommy, would you please check over my registry and advise me if I missed anything.

We already have a swing (thanks MIL & FIL!), a stroller (thanks SIL!), a crib and changing table (FREE from!), a glider rocker that we bought at a consignment sale, and a cosleeper that we bought on e-bay. Plus, we have gotten a start on clothes and cloth diapers from yard sales, Goodwill, and Craigslist. And, I have two whole shelves of baby books from a friend whose kids are grown. Not that I ever mind getting books!! (I have over 600 books in this house:-)! ) Just don't see the need to register for them.

P.S. We're half way there (as of yesterday)! Whew! Seems just like yesterday I thought I'd never stop throwing up.


Anonymous said...

I am of the opinion that registering is slightly overrated :-) I had my first shower and did not get anything I registered for, but gifts were things that I hadn't thought about yet or was overwhelmed by the choices and I had not made a decision yet.

Oh and I have loved shopping for gender neutral clothes for Ziggy! Thanks for the incentive : ). After seeing your collection I realized that I actually COULD start shopping wisely now since I actually have a reason to.

Congrats on the half way mark--We are almost there and it is so exciting!


roadrunner201 said...

Yes, I agree. Probably overrated. But to quell the complaints I've just been telling people to look at the registry if they're worried about what I'm buying:-)

Glad my Goodwill/yard sale trips gave you some ideas. I just love all the yellow stuff I've found. I wish I could find more green with frogs or something:-)