Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Queen of Frugality

Today was the 90 mile yard sale that goes from Ringgold to Marietta (so was yesterday and tomorrow). Having never attended one of these mega-yard sales, I didn't really know what to expect, so we took a healthy sum of money out of the bank, and ended up redepositing most of it. We didn't find any big ticket items that we wanted, as the jogging stroller was pretty dirty, and we already have a regular stroller and a swing. But, I am convinced that in the future this is definitely the way I'll go for finding children's clothes.

For less than $20 (19.25 to be exact) we got 19 articles of clothing, 4 bibs, two blankets (one is a swaddler), two crib sheets, and a hat. Some of the clothes are Baby Gap, and most are from Carter's (lots of Carter's fans here apparently). Nothing smells and nothing has stains.

Here're some photos of our loot:

See the little bib that says, "I love my grandma?" :-)

We even found a "Baby's First Christmas" gown in the right size range. And I love the little blue turtle neck down in the right corner that says, "Special Blessing."

After we bought it, and I was folding everything while we drove, Jeff pointed out to me that the little Winnie the Pooh suit was from the Disney Store, so it probably cost $30 - $40 originally. I paid $2.

Whew! What a day.

P.S. We did not go all 90 miles of the yard sale. That would have defeated the purpose of trying to save money. We went to Ringgold and a little in Whitfield County. Both within half an hour or less of here.

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