Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jude telling stories (aka: The one that got away!)

Watch Jude's arms and hand after each time he "talks." To me, it really looks like he is trying to describe something.

He's becoming a big boy fast! Now, if you let go of the medinurser, he will continue to suck the medicine out of it without letting it fall.
Also, in case you can't tell by his shirt, he's still teething. It looks like I am going to be right about side teeth coming in before the front ones. I can see a little white line on his bottom gums off to the left. I can't get him to let me poke around in his mouth long enough to tell if there's one on the right.

I also tried to get a picture of Jude's little friend Ellie, whom we baby sit during the week. However, they just weren't in tune with each other yesterday. In the first pic Jude's staring at the t.v. and Ellie at the ceiling fan. In the second one, Jude got the idea but I have no idea what Ellie is doing.

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