Friday, March 6, 2009

"My Husband Rocks!" Friday

Katy-Lin's prompt for this week is "What makes a happy marriage?"

What a question! She suggests that it will be different for everyone but to an extent, the same for everyone.

Here is the article that she shared this week called Marriage Martyr. I thin k that the author hits on some of the major points that would be the same for everyone; specifically, not playing the "blame game." Marriage is not (should not be) a competition of one-up-man-ship (is that a word?) but rather a team effort where both spouses have the chief end of managing the home. I remember this first became clear to us when we attended the Weekend to Remember several years ago. If it is a competition, each spouse is going to feel like they are pulling more weight than the other.

Once Jeff and I stopped focusing on what the other person wasn't doing, and began just working together on things, we did become a lot happier. Did it solve all of our problems? Did we never have another argument? No way. We're broken human beings thanks to that little historical event called the Fall. But any time you take your eyes off of yourself and demanding your needs to be met and put them on Jesus and others, there is no way that it can not change your outlook on relationships.

Also, I've mentioned before that Jeff rocks because of how he can make Jude laugh so much. (I can never get that kid to laugh that way. I just get lots of smiles and an occasional laugh.) But I forgot to mention how much he makes me laugh. Jeff is good stress relief at the end of a long day:-)

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