Friday, March 6, 2009

Update on Jude's reflux

I was really hoping by now to say that Jude's reflux was all gone. But during vacation he began spitting up again and has done so a few times. He also has started that fussy nursing thing again. It is no where near as bad as it was back in the beginning before he was diagnosed and when he first started the medicine. Right after vacation, the doctor increased his dosage because of his weight.

Since he has been around 16 - 17.5 pounds for several weeks, he probably was not getting enough medicine for all those weeks, which is probably why he's been spitting up and fussing. It is a different kind of fussing than when I thought he was having teething symptoms. Those, by the way, have all gone away except for bucket loads of drool and sticking EVERYTHING in his mouth. I think Jude would be the happiest if he could have all his toys in his mouth at the same time, while sucking his paci and nursing. He seems to want to always stick things in there when he has the paci or is nursing. Hasn't quite figured out the imposibility of that plan.

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