Friday, July 3, 2009

"My Husband Rocks!" Friday

***Just a reminder about Free Chocolate Friday!***
***Also, the book giveaway is now closed and I will announce the winner tomorrow!***

Jeff rearranged his work schedule so that we can do something really special in a couple of weeks. I can not go into a whole lot of detail on what the special thing is, yet. Sorry about that suspense. Guess you'll just have to check back in a couple of weeks;-)

What is the big deal about that, you ask? Well, whenever Jeff rearranges his schedule, unless it is a vacation day he is taking, he has to make it up by working 48 hours in a row. What happens is, one guy will work for him now and then he pays the guy back by working that guys shift when ever that guy needs him to.

So, while the 48 hours away will really stink for Jude and me, I am really excited about this thing that we are going to do in a couple of weeks.

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