Friday, July 17, 2009

"My Husband Rocks!" Friday

Um, if I participated in Not Me, Monday, and if this were Monday, I would be saying, "I certainly did NOT forget to post MHR last Friday!"

My husband totally rocks because he never even mentioned that I forgot. I SURE hope he (or you) didn't think that he didn't rock last week!

This week, Jeff rocks for the totally AWESOME job he did helping me clean up this house, which has not had any a deep cleaning since before the boy came along! We now have livable space in every room of the house!

And, I know how much my husband HATES hanging up clothes, (as much as I hate doing dishes!) but he made sure that every item of clothing that he owns was either hung up or put in drawers. This was our deal when I began being a stay at home wife/mom, that if I washed, folded, and put the clothes on hangers, he would make sure his got put away. Before I started staying home, we each took care of our own washing. Needless to, there used to be a lot of piled up clean man laundry in the house.

And, today, we are heading out to do that thing I mentioned two weeks ago but couldn't go into detail. More on that tomorrow!

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