Monday, July 27, 2009

Vindication for my struggle

It makes me feel better that all those years of struggling with my hair type in middle school and high school will at least benefit someone. It seems that the little sister is doomed to have the same curly mop that I have endured all these years. I am really glad that I have some insight for her. We were sitting down to dinner the other day when she told me she wished her hair was exactly like mine because it doesn't get a frizzy as hers. (Should I pull out the 8th & 9th grade pictures and show her?!)

What a great window of opportunity to tell her that she, too, could have an abundance of curls like what was sitting atop of my head that day. I told her I would be glad to fix her hair one day during her stay. Little did I know she would be in my bathroom the next morning before church asking me to do it then. (Which only left me 30 min to get ready for church, myself. But this is the way of things as a parent, huh?)

This kid has been blessed! Her hair curls even nicer than mine! A little gel, a little mouse, and volia! And these photos were even taken after a nice Sunday power nap.

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