Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How'd that happen?

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I put the little man in a 6-9 month outfit and could not get it snapped. This is the first time in his nearly 9 month history that has outgrown a size before he hit that chronological age.

Here he is in a 12 month pair of jammies.

How the HEY did he get so big! Doesn't he look so grown up in real jammies instead of a sleeper?
He want you all to to know that he wears these jammies in honor of fire fighters everywhere, but especially his daddy.

Oddly, reading that Karen Kingsbury book and our approaching Independence Day have really set me to reflecting on 9/11. I do not ever want to forget what happened or the sacrifices that so many men and women made. Fire fighters, EMS, police officers, and the victims and their families.

Related to this, I was very pleased to come across this program called Red Shirt Fridays from which all the proceeds go toward making handicap accessible housing for soldiers rendered handicapped from this war effort. We have been at this mess for nearly 8 years if you look at the two war fronts together, and weather you are a supporter of the war or a protester, I am sure we all agree on one thing: we want our men and women of the military home safely. The Red Shirt program is about standing together in solidarity by wearing your red shirt every Friday until every last soldier is home. We'll be getting our red shirts because we want our service men and women to know we care about them.

"For those that will fight for it...FREEDOM ...has a flavor the protected shall never know." ~Tim Craft, 1968


RebeccaMom said...

he looks so cute, and more like a big boy in his pj's! Thank for talking about the red shirt program, I had never heard about it, sounds great!

Anonymous said...

Way to grow! I always missed the clothes they outgrew. I have a box of my favorites! The red shirt program sounds great! Our soldiers have done such a courageous job!

andrea said...

thanks for visiting me! your little guy is ADORABLE!!

Melissa said...

Could your little boy be any cuter?! Stopping by from SITS:)