Sunday, June 28, 2009

Book review and a GIVEAWAY!!

I was given the book One Tuesday Morning a few weeks ago by a woman who I only met once before her family moved out of the house next door. It only took a few pages of reading before I nearly marched over there and told her what she could do with her book that I couldn't possibly read this book. You see, this is a story of a 9-11 widow, but not just any 9-11 widow -- a firefighter's widow. I won't even watch firefighter movies anymore, so I didn't think I would be able to read this book.

Well, something made me keep the book and read on. I think God was telling me to trust him and not live in fear of what could happen. So, I read.

I do not usually care for Christian fiction. It's often too phony. However, this is the story of a man who is completely given over to God, and how the way he lived caused others to find God's truth after his death. I felt while reading God telling me that there is no sense living in fear of what could happen while Jeff is on the job. That can be the only reason why I refuse to watch those movies or read those books. I still do not plan on doing so, but the root of this is not fear. It is preventing that fear from creeping up.

As the story opens, we see how the fireman's wife, Jamie is completely resistant to God and lives in constant fear of her husband losing his life in the line of duty.

When Jamie's worst fears are realized during the 9-11 terrorist attacks, she doesn't even know it because an survivor with a head injury induced amnesia is mistakenly identified as her husband. For nearly three months, they live under the assumption that this man is her husband. It is not until the man has his first few flashbacks that this world starts to unravel.

I do not want to give to much away about this book, but I will say that the ending is bitter and sweet at the same time. Also, I don't recommend this book if you are faint of heart. I had an extremely difficult time reading the chapters that took place during the time frame of the terrorist attacks. I didn't realize how raw that wound still was.

In any case, here's your chance to win your copy. I bought my own copy because it was taking me soooo long to read it due to the whole can't-read-while-the-baby-is-awake thing. Then the family moved away before I could give her back her copy of the book (maybe two weeks after she gave it to me). So, rather than keep two copies, I thought I'd give away the newer one. You have until July 3 to get your entry in. I will announce the winner on July 4. Just leave a comment here, perhaps telling where you were on the day of the 9-11 attacks. (Only if you want.)

Happy entering. I'm off to start on the sequel: Beyond Tuesday Morning. You know, since the baby is in bed;-)


Angel said...

This was a really good book I enjoyed it and you will like the sequel as well...
Stopping by from SITS to say hello

Morgan said...

Karen Kingsbury is one of my all-time favorite authors! I have read her a ton of her books, but have never read this one. I guess I've been putting it off. As a firefighter's wife myself, I'd love to have a copy of this book.

: )

RebeccaMom said...

i have read a couple of Karen Kingsbury and liked them. I would love to read this book :)
on 9/11 I was in my living room with my two babies and I got a call from a friend saying to turn on the TV (I don't watch a lot of TV). It's definitely something I won't ever forget.

Suz said...

Thanks for the giveaway.

I was at the hospital getting a mammogram. My middle school age sons were at home (they were homeschooled) & people started talking about what was going on. I called them & they were very upset about what they were watching on tv so I wanted to hurry & get home to them (they asked me to stop at chick fil a to get breakfast on the way home - only boys would say that).

After that we were glued to the tv for days in total shock & so concerned about the people

Aleta said...

I haven't heard of the book before, but I love it when people give reviews, because I can often tell if I'll enjoy the book or not. If I don't win, something tells me I'll be buying this the next time I'm at a book store.

9/11... I was at home in New Orleans, getting ready for work. My Mom called me and asked if I'd heard about the Twin Towers (we had been to New York the year before and walked by those buildings...I have pictures of the skyline before 9/11).

We were devastated....and furious.

Debbie said...

I've never read Christian fiction either for the same reasons!
Dropped by from SITS to say hi.

bluecottonmemory said...

It was my boys first day of the school year. Later that day, we gathered at the court house for a prayer vigil. Afterwards, we took our little guys to football practice. The coach, an ex-army guy, gave an impassioned talk about how we weren't going to stop what we were doing and let the enemy win. It caused us to stand more courageously. Our community was stunned. There were huge gas-lines, too. I'm not doing this for a reward, please give the book to someone else. I just wanted to contribute.

Momma Mig said...

agree with your comments on x-ian fiction... glad to see a book that might be worth checking out! and is your hubby a firefighter (i think i gathered that he is...) my hubby is taking the PAT in a couple weeks for dekalb county! yay for common ground!!