Thursday, June 18, 2009

Please continue praying for Veiyah and Stellan

Both of these sweet babies are back in the hospital tonight as I type.
Veiyah went in yesterday to get a feeding tubs that goes directly through her belly into her stomach. They expected her to be released today, but the doctor decided he wanted to watch her another day. Please pray that all goes as needed for her to go home with her parents and sisters tomorrow. Also, pray for her mom, Ani, who misses Veiyah's twin, Aderah, so badly. Aderah was born to Jesus.
Stellan has been experiencing SVT (a really, really fast heart beat) again lately. The new medication that they found to work before he left the hospital last time has stopped working and the new medicine will not be in until tomorrow. He still has about 19 pounds to gain before the doctor feels good about doing the ablation which will almost certainly lead to the requirement of a pacemaker. Please pray that they will find something that will work until that time.

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