Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blog Ettiquette

Here's another informal survey but this one is open to anyone.

When someone comments on your blog, what is the proper protocol for responding? Is it:

1. Respond to the comment in your own comment section.

2. Go to the person's blog you are responding to and leave the response in their comments.

3. Both?

I have done both of these things on different occasions (not both for the same response) but it has always been floating around in my brain that maybe I am "doing it wrong." It seems like if you respond in your own comments, the person may never see the reply, but if you respond in theirs, it is kind of out of place. Just wondering what the masses do;-)


Mighty M said...

Good morning - Visiting from SITS! I almost never reply via my comments. I usually email them back directly if their email shows up in the comment, OR I go to their blog and comment there. Happy Monday!

Ronnica said...

I reply in my comments, but if it's something I definitely want them to see, I'll email too. I always make sure to visit people and comment on their blog, but that comment is relevant to their post, not mine. I like commenting in the commments, because it encourages dialogue between the commenters.

Michelle said...

I try to do 3 things:

Respond as soon as possible via email. That wasnt one of the choices...

Then I ALWAYS visit their blog and leave a comment...on something, at least.

Lastly, as time allows I comment on their comments on my blog. I'm always afraid they wont see them so I make sure they are getting a similar message on their blog.